Retained Union meetings this Thursday night

March 18, 2014

group meetingRetained members were advised via last Friday’s SITREP 9/2014 that a statewide meeting of the Union’s Retained Sub-Branch (RSB) would be held this Thursday 20 March commencing at 1900 hours in order to allow retained members to consider and vote as a Sub-Branch to endorse or reject the Union’s proposed new Retained Award.

The Union’s Rules permit the RSB to meet in a series of meetings provided that a quorum of at least seven financial members are present throughout the course of each such meeting. Members are not permitted to vote by proxy.

Ordinarily, voting return forms are not provided to a station unless the Union members at that station advise the State Secretary of their intention to meet beforehand. In this case, however, it has been decided that voting return forms will be automatically faxed to every station with RSB members attached at, or shortly after, 1900 hours this Thursday 20 March so that members at each station to meet and vote on the Union’s proposed Award.

For a copy of this Award please click here.

Members who are intending to meet and vote this Thursday do not need to contact the Union office to confirm that you are meeting. A voting form will be faxed to your station on the night and provided that:

i)     your station has seven or more financial members present throughout; and

ii)    your station’s voting return form is signed by each member present and returned by fax to the Union Office by no later than 2100 hours;

then the vote of each member at your station will be added, as recorded, to the total RSB return.

Members who are concerned that they might not attain quorum at their own station, or who might simply be elsewhere on the night, may attend any other station that is meeting (we suggest you check first) in order to vote.

Finally, members are encouraged to read the explanatory overview that was faxed to every station with tonight this notice and, if you have any questions, to contact the Union Office, an FBEU Country Organiser or an RSB Executive Committee rep prior to Thursday’s meeting.

Jim Casey
State Secretary