SITREP 11/2014

March 29, 2014

computerInside this issue:

  • Permanent award
  • AOD testing during retained drills
  • IPP participants survey
  • Who voted Liberal?

Permanent award

Yesterday the Union published online our application for the 2014 Permanent Award. The application will be filed with the Industrial Relations Commission first thing Monday.

Members can submit any questions, comments or clarifications via email to , or by using the industrial inquiry link on our website. If the Retained Award negotiations are any indication, we are at the beginning of a long and drawn out process. 

AOD testing during retained drills

The Union has been notified that drug and alcohol testing has been occurring at retained stations during retained drills. The testing has been taking up the entire drill period, and in some instances going beyond the two hours paid for attendance at drill.

Members are instructed that where AOD testing is conducted during a drill that drill should be rescheduled for a later date. In addition, if members are being required to stay longer then the two-hour drill period to submit to testing then that additional time must be claimed as an additional payment.

The Union has not, and will not, agree that AOD testing replaces a retained drill. While it is far from clear if AOD testing is actually necessary, it is beyond doubt that training is.

IPP participants survey

The IPP participants survey was launched this week, with all members that took part in last year’s trial IPP selection process being emailed a copy. This survey is a direct result of the Union’s dispute around the Department’s intention to force through a merit based interview promotional process, and consequently we had significant input into the questions the survey asks.

Participation is both voluntary and anonymous. I encourage members to take the time to respond, and to be frank about their experience. If you thought the system worked, say so. If you thought it was didn’t, then say that too. The survey results will colour discussions about any future IPP selection process.

Who voted Liberal?

In a week of atrocities, the Abbott Government not only managed to reintroduce knighthoods, but also cut the wages of cleaners at Parliament House by up to 25%. You couldn’t make this up.

The NSW Government, not to be outdone, announced that long-term social housing residents in the Rocks were to be evicted and their homes sold off to the highest bidder. The residents have begun to organise to save their community, and are reaching out to the union movement for support. This issue will not be going away, and has the potential to hurt the O’Farrell Government. More to follow.

Jim Casey
State Secretary

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