Code Red: Bans to be lifted at 1800 hours today

June 17, 2014

Permanent members’ backpay dispute – update #2

As reported in SITREP 21/14, the backpay dispute returned to the IRC at 4pm today on an application from the employer seeking directions that the Union lift its bans.

The long story cut short is that after hearing from both the parties, Justice Boland did two did things. Firstly, His Honour recommended (not directed) that the Union lift its bans as soon as practicable. Secondly, the Judge said he would hear any application from the Union in relation to the backpay as soon as possible.

The Union’s State Executive has consequently agreed to observe the recommendation, with the bans and limitations that were imposed in the Code Red of 14 June to be lifted on and from 1800 hours tonight. The Union will tomorrow morning file an application to vary the award to provide a 2.27% wage increase on and from 21 February 2014 in the expectation that:

(a) the application will be heard and determined this week; and

(b) the increase and backpay will be in every permanent member’s bank account next Thursday, 26 June.

More to follow shortly.


Jim Casey
State Secretary



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