SITREP 32/2014

October 1, 2014

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  • 2014 AGM
  • Permanent Award negotiations – update #8
  • Death and Disability Award – update #2
  • Mental Health Month

2014 AGM

In accordance with Rule 11(3), notice is given of the 104th Annual General Meeting of the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union of New South Wales. The agenda and the meeting details follow this SITREP.

Permanent Award negotiations – update #8

On Monday this week the Union and the Department agreed upon a full and final 2014 Permanent Award document. However this negotiated award and associated conditions remain subject to approval by a general meeting of members. As well as the progression/promotion and operational support reforms discussed in recent SITREPs, it includes the flexible roster and 24-hour shifts arrangements adopted by the June 2013 SGM.

State Committee views the negotiated Award as a good result. It continues our steady reduction in the number of sub-QF ranks (down from 4 to only 1), converts the transitional rank of LF to a substantive rank, abolishes the transitional rank of SO1 in favour of new, single SO rank and creates additional promotion opportunities for all SOs with the creation of a new LSO rank. Progression to LF and LSO will come with a pay rise and the capacity to act up. Members located outside of Sydney will be able to limit, and in many instances, avoid completely the need return to the GSA for promotion. Members will not be required to attain competencies that they might never need in order to seek promotion. And finally, it will see all SFs and SOs receive 2% increase in their pay relativities on top of the general wage increases. The new Award, if adopted by the AGM, will see more money in more members’ pockets, and new and more career opportunities for more members in more ranks, and in more locations.

For a copy of the proposed 2014 Permanent Award click here.

For a copy of the accompanying notes click here.

For a tracked changes copy of the proposed 2014 Award compared to the 2011 Award click here.

Death and Disability Award – update #2

SITREP 12/2014 reported on the Auditor General’s report into firefighter fitness and announced our filing of a new Death and Disability Award. Since then the Union has refined it’s position and has filed a revised application which retains the health and fitness provisions as published in April, but also provides for reductions in employee contributions and some adjustments to benefit design. The Union is aiming to conclude negotiations and to put the new Award to a general meeting as soon as possible, our objective being a new Award in place before the end of November. More to follow shortly.

Mental Health Month

October is Mental Health Month and is about promoting the ways in which we can maintain good mental health as well as offering support where needed. This month’s theme is ‘beYOUnique’ and promotes acceptance and understanding of the impact that being proud of who we are can have on our wellbeing.

Members are encouraged to visit the Mental Health Association’s website to learn more about the resources available for maintaining good mental health.

To link to the MHA website click here.

Mental health resources can be found by clicking here.


Jim Casey
State Secretary