SITREP 36/2014

October 31, 2014

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  • Retiring soon? The consequences of a yes or no vote
  • Medical Certificates and ESS – update #1, instruction lifted
  • Movember 2014

Retiring soon? The consequences of a yes or no vote

Permanent members (and members of the SASS or SSS defined benefit schemes in particular) should consider the impact of the proposed Award on their retirement benefits. In both SSS and SASS, your benefit is based, either in whole (SSS) or in part (SASS), on your final salary. Members who think this wage rise will not affect them because they intend retiring soon anyway should think again.

By way of example, a Senior Firefighter in SSS who retires at age 60 with full benefit points would be up to $775 per year better off for the rest of their lives as a result of the higher wage increases under the proposed award. That’s an extra $15,500 over 20 years in today’s dollars (ie, before CPI increases).

SSS YES vote NO vote Difference
Pension per annum Pension per annum Per annum Per week
2015 $43,383 $42,737 $646 $12.38
2016 $44,416 $43,641 $775 $14.85
2017 $45,449 $44,674 $775 $14.85


As well as the extra $1,508 each year in wages until retirement, a Station Officer in SASS who retires at age 60 with full benefit points will boost their super lump sum by over $2,700 with the proposed award.

SASS YES vote NO vote Difference
2015 $499,554 $496,843 $2,711
2016 $514,377 $511,601 $2,776
2017 $529,945 $527,099 $2,846


While the tables above demonstrate the importance of this vote for Senior Firefighters and Station Officers in SSS and SASS, FSS members would also benefit via an extra $143 each year (9.5% of the extra $1,508 p.a. in wages) in compulsory employer super payments.

Medical Certificates and ESS – update #1, instruction lifted

Further to SITREP 33, the Union has agreed to the introduction of the new ESS-Leave system on the understanding that medical certificates and personal medical information will now only be sent to, received by and seen by the Health and Safety Branch. Which now means that Zone management will not get within a bull’s roar of this information, so the Union’s objection to new system and instruction to members of 14 October to still submit certificates and stat decs by fax or envelope is hereby withdrawn.

Movember 2014

Last year the FBEU Firefighters Movember group raised over $24,500 and won the Australian Movember 000 challenge. Team leader, FBEU President Darin Sullivan, is planning to break all previous records, but he needs your help. Members keen to participate (including members from last year) must re-register via the team page at: . So join up, and prepare for hair.

Jim Casey
State Secretary

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