SITREP 6/2015

February 20, 2015

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  • New D&D Award and wage rise for all members today
  • 24 hour shifts and roster flexibility – update #7

New D&D Award and wage rise for all members today

The next wage increases for all FRNSW firefighters, permanent and retained, take effect on and from today. This means, for most members, an increase in pay of 2.5%. Permanent Station Officers and Senior Firefighters see respective increases of 4.14% and 4.47%.

Most allowances also increase today by 2.5% including (for all members) the kilometre allowance, which is now at $1.19 per km, and (for permanent members) the relieving allowance (up to $31.78) and all qualification allowances. Meal, refreshment and travelling compensation allowances are, however, adjusted separately each July in line with reasonable allowance amounts published annually by the ATO.

The commencement today of the new 2015 Death and Disability Award means that employee contribution rates have also been reduced for all retained members, and for most permanent members, effective immediately. Retained contributions have fallen from $9.41 to $7.22 per week for most members, and down to $2.89 per week for those in SSS, SASS or PSS through their primary employment. Permanent contributions have fallen from 1.5% of own salary to 0.8% of the QF salary, or $11.56 per week.

For a table that demonstrates the compound benefit for permanent members of these changes please click here. Benefits for retained members are proportionally comparable.  All new pay, allowance and contribution rates will first appear for all members in the pays of Thursday 5 March.

24 hour shifts and roster flexibility – update #7

Yesterday the Department agreed on the proposed clauses and notes around 24 hours shifts and changes of shift, albeit in slightly amended form to that released last week with SITREP 5. That agreement can be found by clicking here. Notice of a Special General Meeting will follow early next week together with an overview of the new arrangements, and how members may access them.

Jim Casey
State Secretary 

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