SITREP 9/2015

March 13, 2015

computerInside this issue:

  • Union election nominations close Monday
  •  March SGM endorses award amendments
  •  Home fire safety audits
  •  Leading Firefighter FAQ

Union election nominations close Monday

Members are reminded that nominations for the 2015-2018 State Committee of Management close with the State Electoral Commission at 5pm Monday. All of the relevant information, including nomination forms, can be found on our website in the special election notice faxed and posted on 23 February.

I would encourage any member who is interested in working with fellow firefighters to help protect and improve our job and our working lives to seriously consider nominating. If you’re interested, but aren’t sure about what’s involved, then please feel free to contact myself or any of the other 16 current State Committee officials for further information and advice.

Voting material will be posted to the address last notified by each member to the Union (not the Department), so if you’ve changed your address but not yet told us then you need to do so asap.

March SGM endorses award amendments

The March SGM concluded on Wednesday night with the endorsement of the proposed amendments to Clause 8 of the Award and the associated notes by 190 for to 10 against, with 4 abstentions.

The Award amendments and notes concerning roster flexibility and changes of shift can be found on the online version SITREP 7. These are now in effect by agreement between the Department and the Union, and therefore binding on both members and management alike. Members are encouraged to read the FAQ on Rosters and Changes of shift that was issued last week with SITREP 7.

Home fire safety audits

Back in 2008 the Department attempted to get permanent members in western Sydney doorknocking elderly residents to discuss their fire safety needs. The Union banned this practice, largely on the basis that it was not a suitable use of frontline firefighting resources.

Well it’s back under the new guise of “Home Fire Safety Audits”. Metro West management has been ordering on-shift crews to cold call dwellings where the residents have been identified as belonging to various socially disadvantaged groups to discuss fire safety.

Fire prevention is an important part of our work. Touting for business like this is not. Permanent members are therefore instructed that work of this nature (ie offering unsolicited services or advice) is hereby banned, effective immediately, and is not to be performed by any member until further notice.

Leading Firefighter FAQ

SITREP 8 predicted the release this week of an agreed FAQ that would serve as the authoritative position on the LF application and testing process. Unfortunately, while the FAQ has been written, it is not yet agreed so I will be meeting with Commissioner Mullins on Monday to finalise this.

Jim Casey
State Secretary

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