SITREP 15/2015

April 24, 2015

may_day_2014 copyInside this issue:

  • Vanuatu deployment – update #1
  • 24 hour shifts and roster flexibility – update #11
  • LF test arrangements and entitlements
  • May Day 2015 – Sunday 3 May

Vanuatu deployment – update #1

Our optimism in SITREP 11 about the avoidance of industrial brawling was misplaced. It has since emerged that one issue – payment for work outside of members’ rosters – was not resolved. The Union’s position is as simple as it is correct: single time for each member according to their default roster’s hours and overtime for all hours actually worked outside of that. Negotiations continue, so more in SITREP 16.

24 hour shifts and roster flexibility – update #11

Despite the best efforts of both parties, we remain apart on several small but important details so publication of a joint FAQ on 24 hours shifts and roster flexibility has been delayed by another week.

In the meantime, this week’s torrential rain and flooding saw a corresponding explosion in FRNSW incidents and workloads over an extended period which in turn presented an early and significant test of the 24 hour shift initiative. You worked it, so how did you find it? The Union is keen to receive feedback (positive and negative) from members who worked 24 hour shifts during this week’s storm emergency and in particular, whether fatigue associated with the longer shifts presented any issues.

LF test arrangements and entitlements

Union representations following member complaints of inadequate notice of test times and appointments filling up quickly have seen additional tests arranged. Members experiencing difficulty booking a test should contact the Union as soon as possible.

Members who sit the test are entitled to the relevant provisions of Clause 16 and 19, as follows:

  • members who are rostered off duty are paid at overtime rates for the time spent in attendance, commencing from the time of appointment (see clause;
  • members who are on annual or long service leave are re-credited with the appropriate leave for the time spent attending the test (see clause; and
  • members who are rostered on duty are entitled to paid leave prior to the test as is reasonably necessary for attendance at the test, including travel (see clause 19.3).

Members who sit the test when off duty should note that all of your travelling time (paid at single time), kilometres (paid at the specified journey rate) and/or fares are excess. Meal and accommodation allowances may also be payable under Clause 26, Travelling Compensation. Members with any questions or who require further assistance should contact the Union office.

May Day 2015 – Sunday 3 May

The Sydney May Day march will be held Sunday 3 May, with members meeting at Sydney Town Hall Square at 1130 hours. Refreshments will be available for members and their families after, so it would be helpful for catering purposes if members coming could let us know with an email to

Darin Sullivan
President and Acting State Secretary

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