SITREP 16/2015

May 1, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 12.58.52 pmInside this issue:

  • LF test arrangements and entitlements – update #1
  • Pantyhose allowance
  • National Memorial Service
  • May Day today (and this Sunday)

LF test arrangements and entitlements – update #1

In clarification of last week’s SITREP advice that members who sit the test when off duty should be paid kilometres at the specified journey rate, if members (1) request that the Department provide transport and this does not occur and (2) there is no public transport reasonably available, then those members are entitled to be paid kilometres at the official business rate instead. If public transport is reasonably available, but members elect to drive, then the specified journey rate applies.

Pantyhose allowance

The Department has approached the Union over the future of the (non-Award) pantyhose allowance, which is currently paid at the rate of $3.80 per fortnight to 155 female permanent members. Our employer always provided socks as part of the general uniform issue but did not supply pantyhose to be worn with female dress uniforms, hence the allowance. The Department is now proposing to rectify this anomaly by allowing FRNSW pantyhose to be ordered on ESCAT.

The Union’s State Committee has identified some benefits with this proposal including that retained members (who, inexplicably, do not currently receive the pantyhose allowance) would in future also be able to order pantyhose through ESCAT, and that the current allowance is insufficient to meet most permanent members’ needs in any case.

The State Committee deferred a decision on the proposal until 28 May in order to receive comments and suggestions from interested members. Please email your views to

National Memorial Service

The Union was represented today at the inaugural National Memorial Service for fire and emergency service personnel by State Committee officials John Henry and Trevor Ross, who joined the Governor General, the Prime Minister, the Minister and Commissioner and hundreds more to commemorate those who have died on duty.

May Day today (and this Sunday)

May Day is an international day of solidarity for workers all over the world. It began in Chicago in 1884, when police shot at crowds demonstrating for the 8 hour day – killing many. Each year on May Day millions of workers and their unions celebrate the victories the working class have won through years of struggle. May Day also allows workers to express our demands for a higher standard of living, for world peace and for international solidarity.

The 2015 Sydney May Day parade and celebrations will be held this Sunday 3 May, with FBEU members meeting at Sydney Town Hall Square at 1130 hours. All members and their families are welcome.

Darin Sullivan
President and Acting State Secretary

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