SITREP 19/2015

May 29, 2015

Fire TruckInside this issue:

  • LF test arrangements – update #3
  • Family friendly rostering – update #1
  • MFR sub-committee formed – update #1
  • Helmet ID – It’s still your choice

LF test arrangements – update #3

Contrary to the advice given to some members by the test provider’s staff last week, the Department will not be receiving anyone’s test scores – only the names of those who sat and of them, those who were then selected. Members will receive their own test results directly from the independent test provider, and will be able to seek feedback on those results in the weeks following that.

In the meantime, feedback on the psychometric testing confirms that many members remain sceptical (at best) about the test’s relevance to the role of an LF. The answer is, we are told, that these tests determine suitability for the job by assessing how people behave in different situations. The tests are not about what you know or what you have done, but rather who you are – your attitudes and personality traits, which is why they can’t be studied for.

LF applicants were always tested for their firefighting knowledge, but never for their suitability for the role. The test is now for suitability for the role, with firefighting and incident management skills being taught and assessed on the LF Program that follows. Operational capability remains essential, and no member will progress to LF rank unless and until they have successfully completed the LF Program.

Family friendly rostering – update #1

We’re pleased to note that the Department issued its own intranet story on 22 May titled “Alternative Rosters – more than just 24 hours shifts” that confirmed the Union’s advice (and attached roster examples) in SITREP 18 about the roster flexibility now available under subclause 8.2.3. A new Alternative Rosters notice board has now been set up on the FRNSW intranet for members seeking others members to work another roster with them, and the Union remains available to help and advise members interested in working alternative rosters, including job-sharing and part time work.

MFR sub-committee formed – update #1

The MFR sub-committee that was announced in SITREP 18 is holding its first meeting next Thursday. Members can now email the sub-committee’s seven members directly at

Helmet ID – It’s still your choice

A Union notice issued on 17 November 2000 confirmed the Union’s policy on individual helmet ID (ie, your surname) to be one where it is up to the individual member (ie not the Station or the Platoon) to decide whether or not to wear it. In short, it’s not against Union policy to wear helmet ID, but the Union also supports any and every member who, for whatever reason, doesn’t want to wear it.

The Department has wisely supported our policy on voluntary helmet ID. When we raised our concern with the Commissioner that the new helmets are being issued with each member’s name already attached, Mr Mullins immediately agreed to issue blank tape for those who want it. This blank tape should now be included with each new helmet issued, or otherwise ordered separately via ESCAT.

Jim Casey
State Secretary

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