SITREP 30/2015

September 11, 2015

workers-compensationInside this issue:

  • Prior employment recognised – update#1
  • Alternate Duties, Workers Comp and O/T
  • ISB golf day raises awareness and funds

Prior employment recognised – update#1

While most members were more than happy with SITREP 29’s announcement of the agreement reached with the Department for the recognition of permanent members’ prior firefighting employment, some were critical of our failure to explain how members should go about applying. There was a good reason for that: the agreement was so new that it had not yet been determined.

The Department today confirmed that a new email address will become operative next Monday for members to register their application for recognition of prior firefighting employment.

To apply, simply email (after Monday) your name, service number, starting and finishing dates of prior employment and who that prior employment was with. This will be enough to start the process. The Department has said that it will acknowledge all email applications received, and will ask each member for any further information if necessary. While not required, members are advised to cc the Union in case you later require assistance with your application.

Alternate Duties, Workers Comp and O/T

Members are reminded that if you’re injured at work and placed on alternate duties for a period of time, you may also be entitled to be compensated for the overtime you may have worked if you had remained on full duties. Any benefit along these lines will generally be calculated according to the overtime you actually worked over the corresponding period.

To qualify for this benefit, the insurer must have accepted liability for your claim, and you must be working in an alternate duties position. You may also qualify if you are able to work alternate duties, but none are available. Please contact the Union Office for further advice.

ISB golf day raises awareness and funds

Around 50 FBEU members from all over NSW attended today’s annual Illawarra Sub-Branch “Kel Classic” charity golf day. This year the date coincided with World Suicide Prevention Day and RUOK Day, both of which align with the event’s theme of raising awareness about men’s health and mental illness. Money raised by the event each year is donated to ‘Beyond Blue’ (helpline 1300 224 636).

While recently deceased Comrade Drew Cullen was the victim of a terrible MVA rather than mental illness, the event also made a substantial donation to the trust fund established for Drew’s daughter. I presented the donation to Drew’s brother in-law and fellow member, Comrade Dave Gelder.

Thanks to Comrades Mark Duffy and Shane Dallimore for organising the event.

Darin Sullivan
President and Acting State Secretary

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