SITREP 14/2016

April 29, 2016

  • Cat 6 Heavy CAFS staffing update #1
  • Proposed merger of Abermain and Weston Fire Brigades
  • Payment for attending LSO interviews

Cat 6 Heavy CAFS staffing update #1

As last week’s SITREP 13 reported, the Union and Department were back in the Industrial Relations Commission this week, following not much progress – none really – in negotiations.

Commissioner Newall directed that further discussions in good faith are to occur between the parties and strongly recommended that the status quo be maintained (as per SITREP 12 – Staffing and checking of “orphaned” permanent appliances). The parties are to report back to the IRC on Wednesday 18 May.

Commissioner Newall ended by saying that he had received reports that the Department had held meetings directly with members at the same time as their meeting was held with the Union. He observed that this was unhelpful and recommended that nothing that looks or sounds like pre-emptive implementation of the Department’s proposal should be seen to be done or, indeed, done whilst discussions are taking place over the next three weeks. More to follow.

Proposed merger of Abermain and Weston Fire Brigades

The Union has also listed a dispute with the IRC regarding the Department’s proposed merger of Abermain and Weston Fire Brigades.

In yesterday’s proceedings Commissioner Newall directed that the parties confer about the proposed merger. He also directed that the parties report back to the IRC on those discussions at 9am on 26 May 2016 and strongly recommended that FRNSW take no administrative action to merge the two stations in the interim.

This means that whilst Abermain are temporarily housed at Weston, at least for the next three weeks, they are to continue to be treated as two separate brigades. During this time, members will maintain their normal award conditions, including authorised duties.

It is important to note that the Union has not agreed to the merger and closure of Weston Fire Brigade.

Payment for attending LSO interviews

Any member who attended an interview during the Leading Station Officer selection process should note that their attendance is payable under Clause 16 of the Award.

Some claims for payment have been wrongly rejected by middle management, and whilst several members have been in touch with the Union to rectify their situations it has come to our attention that not all members have been paid their full entitlements, which in most cases will be overtime or consolidated leave.

If you attended an interview and have not been paid for it please contact the Union office.

Darin Sullivan
President and Acting State Secretary

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