SITREP 06/2017

February 14, 2017

Inside this issue:

  • February SGM arrangements
  • Revised Permanent Award proposal

February SGM arrangements

As previously advised, a Special General Meeting will be held at 10am tomorrow, 15 February at Trades Hall Auditorium, 377 Sussex Street Sydney to vote on the proposed 2017 Permanent and Retained Awards, with Sub-Branch meetings follow across the state thereafter.

The Sydney South West, Newcastle and Central Coast Sub-Branches are all meeting tomorrow afternoon, and the Illawarra and Sydney Central West Sub-Branches tomorrow evening. The Sydney South, Sydney North and Sydney Outer West Sub-Branches are all meeting on Thursday morning, when the SGM will conclude and the results will be declared. Voting returns will be faxed to all Country Sub-Branch stations where meetings are being held tomorrow (see SITREP 5) immediately prior to that meeting. Voting returns and will be faxed to all Retained Sub-Branch stations prior to 7pm tomorrow evening.

Revised Permanent Award proposal

Feedback from members, and further negotiations that continued until late today have resulted in changes being made to the proposed Permanent Award. There has been no change to the proposed Retained Award that was released with SITREPs 4 and 5 last week.

Two documents can be found as links in the online version of this SITREP, this first highlighting all of the changes between the Permanent Award proposal that was attached to SITREPs 4 and 5 and the current proposal, and the other showing all the changes between the 2016 and the now-proposed Award.

The State Committee will therefore be moving to amend Question 2 on the agenda at tomorrow’s SGM by replacing the words “04/2017 on 9 February” with “06/2017 on 14 February”, so that the motion will then read:

Question 2

That the draft FRNSW Permanent Firefighting Staff Award 2017 that was posted to the Union’s website as an attachment to SITREP 06/2017 on 14 February be received and endorsed and that a new award be made on those terms.

SITREP 7 will be issued tomorrow afternoon updating members on the status of both the proposed Permanent and Retained Awards, and of the motions and amendments (if any) adopted by the Sydney SGM that Sub-Branches will then be voting on.

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

  • For a copy of the proposed Award showing all of the changes between the 2016 Permanent Award and the now-proposed Award click here.
  • For a copy of the proposed Award showing all of the changes between the Award attached to SITREPs 4 and 5 and the now-proposed Award click here.
  • For a printable copy of this SITREP click here.



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