SITREP 5/2018

March 2, 2018

  • SAM wrong on Stand Bys and Outduties – update #1
  • FRNSW identity – update #2
  • No show at the Easter Show?

SAM wrong on Stand Bys and Outduties – update #1

Sitrep 41/17 reported on an error in SAM which prevented members who worked more than 4 hours at a retained brigade, and therefore worked an outduty, to claim the relieving allowance. The Department has now updated its systems to allow these claims, and committed to paying any unpaid relieving allowances arising from this error in the pay of 15 March. Don’t take their word for that though, check.

The Union has also sought amendments to the T&E system after a permanent reliever’s claim for a Breakfast Allowance was incorrectly rejected. The Department has now undertaken to rectify this error shortly, but in the interim, members entitled to claim Clause 12 and Clause 26 entitlements concurrently should do so using a miscellaneous voucher.

Both of these cases show yet again that the Department’s systems are not infallible, and that members should never assume that the rejection or inability to submit a claim means that there is no entitlement. If in doubt, check with your Union.

FRNSW identity – update #2

The Department’s re-branding project continued today with the confirmation via intranet of the new logo as the old logo set in a red box with “FIRE + RESCUE” written underneath. Sitrep 2/18 was right about the “+” and wrong that it might be green, although the relegation of firefighting behind medical response in today’s intranet promotional video remains a vivid pointer to the Department’s intentions.

The State Committee was yesterday given the briefing we’d requested 3 months ago and the consensus was that they’re on track, not only with how it looks but more importantly, why. As Sitrep 40/17 explained, the public perception of FRNSW and our members by the public, media and governments is important, so we’ve ripped off the concept for today’s  Sitrep as light-hearted nod to those responsible. Who said we never give management any credit?

No show at the Easter Show?

Regrettably, the Department’s attempt to cut FRNSW staffing and services at this year’s Royal Easter Show has forced Sitrep to resume normal programming. In one of the dumber ideas from management in recent years, the Department has accepted RAS “advice” that after 100 years, a 24/7 operational fire station staffed by our retained members is no longer required at the Show. We don’t agree of course, but what good is the re-branding exercise (see above) if we are going to surrender our operational presence – and exposure – at a massive annual public event attended by over 850,000 people from across NSW?

The Union has written to the Minister and copies of all of the correspondence on this issue can be accessed by clicking here. More to follow.

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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