SITREP 9/2018

March 22, 2018

Inside this issue:

  • “Union bastards” expose the truth
  • 2018 Election of the State Committee – update #3

“Union bastards” expose the truth

All members have presumably seen, read or heard this week’s post-Tathra media reports of turf wars and other inter-service rivalries. Sitrep 9 doesn’t propose to revisit that here except to observe that:

  1. The Department has once again gone MIA and failed to defend FRNSW or its own firefighters, eventually crawling out from its own shadow yesterday to meekly toe the RFS line.
  2. The Union has done more to raise FRNSW’s public profile in the last 3 days than the Department has managed in 10 years – and all without a “+” symbol in sight.
  3. Alan Jones’ demolition of Minister Troy Grant on 2GB on Tuesday is well worth a listen (Click here).

2018 Election of the State Committee – update #3

The deadline for the withdrawal of nominations at midday saw nine candidates elected unopposed today. The remaining eight positions will be determined by a postal ballot of all financial members as at 16 February, with voting material to be posted by the Electoral Commission on Thursday 5 April.

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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