SitRep 08/2019

May 31, 2019

  • Retained Make Up Drills
  • Staffing Update
  • What is Prior Notice?

Retained Make Up Drills

The Union has received several enquiries in relation to retained firefighters making up station drills due to other circumstances preventing them attending normal training. The Department’s current standing order falls short of ensuring retained firefighters are provided with alternate training when they miss a drill due to unforeseen circumstances. We agree with the department’s view that training should be conducted as a group, rather than individuals going off on their own and never attending a normal drill.

However, we also acknowledge that work and lifestyle changes over the years have changed the retained system significantly, and the department should accommodate those changes where possible. We also acknowledge that supervision of make up drills can be difficult at some stations, however, we certainly encourage all Station Commanders/Captains ensure other alternatives are offered such as HUB Learning and Station Module Theory components, which is acknowledged by the department and can be done unsupervised. We will keep members updated on the progress of our discussions with the Department’s representatives.

Staffing Update

Applications closed for our advertised Industrial Officers positions last week and this week we held interviews for new Industrial Officers – we had some great applicants and excellent interviews and we hope we will be in a position to let everyone know of some new appointments very soon.

We are also advertising a couple more positions. We need additional resources to support our plans going forward – including your Award campaign. Members want better communications and more opportunities to be actively involved and the SCOM wants to deliver. Shortly we will also be advertising for an Organiser and a Communications/Campaigns Organiser. These roles will boost our resources and help us to build our connections and our strength. The advertisements will be on Ethical Jobs – and should be posted on Monday June 3 – have a look, spread the word and we encourage interested members to apply.

What is Prior Notice

It has come to our attention that some members are being informed to relieve at a different work location whilst off duty. We remind the membership about prior notice as set out in the award

“ For the purpose of this subclause “prior notice” means notice given whilst the employee was on duty, either during their rostered hours of work or whilst on overtime”

To put it simply, unless you were tasked the shift prior, don’t leave your base station until 8am (or any other rostered shift start time).

Leighton Drury

State Secretary



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