SitRep 16/2019

August 16, 2019

  • Regional Special Roster Positions
  • Operation Shaken Fury Payment
  • Organisers on the Road
  • Don’t tell a firie… Investigations and the importance of maintaining confidentiality
  • The Rex… It’s this coming Monday!

Regional Special Roster Positions

Over the past couple of weeks, concerned members have made contact with us on the Department’s proposal to restructure relieving positions in Regional South. The Department wishes to drop some 24/7 relieving positions and change them to Special roster.

We are also aware that the Department wants to roll this model out across other regional areas. The Union will be meeting with the Department next Tuesday on this issue and ask that anyone that has feedback to contact an official or email the office. Until resolved no members should apply, be offered or accept one of the new positions and if in doubt are to contact the office for clarification.

Operation Shaken Fury Payment

The Union was asked by Fire and Rescue NSW to consider the payments for Operation Shaken Fury under clause 12a instead of clause 16. There is no clear provision in the Award for non emergency international deployments.

After comparing payments under clause 16 and clause 12a of the Award, the Union has agreed that payment should be made under the latter. Our calculations indicate that most participants are better off under clause 12a so collectively we are better off under this clause. The payments will be made on 29 August 2019, which is the next payday.

Organisers on the Road

Our new organising team is visiting stations to discuss, identify and help organise around workplace issues, and to help build link together and support your workplace delegates. The FBEU is a high-density union we can achieve the most and support each other best when we are organised, engaged and involved.

This Thursday we had our new organiser Georgie go up to the Central Coast and visit six of our stations. Georgie said it was great to have a chat with our members about our new organising structure and the delegate training that will be happening over the next few months.

Members were able to have a chat with Georgie about their ideas and concerns and were eager to set up regular meetings at work to discuss them. We were also pleased to hear the ideas that our members have for our union in the future and we are looking forward to working with you all on building upon those. Thank you to Central Coast Sub-branch Secretary Mick Stone and to the members at Hamlyn Terrace, Doyalson, Berkeley Vale, Kincumber, Umina, Gosford and Kariong for your hospitality.   

Don’t tell a firie… Investigations and the importance of maintaining confidentiality

The Union has become aware of a number of incidents where gossip and rumour have spread amongst firies revolving around investigations into disciplinary actions. It is important not to participate in spreading this sort of information or rumour about your colleagues. We are all aware of the damage that rumours can cause someone’s reputation, but a greater concern is that it may result in the person under investigation and/or the complainer not being afforded procedural fairness.

If you are being investigated or you are being interviewed as part of someone else’s misconduct investigation, you have a right to seek advice from the Union or a lawyer. However you should not disclose any of the processes or proceedings to your other colleagues or to others outside the organisation. In fact the more serious the misconduct investigation, the more important it is that you do not disclose it to others.

If you have been directed to keep the proceedings confidential, then breaching this may result in disciplinary action. To protect yourself, keep it to yourself.

The Rex… It’s this coming Monday!

I am looking forward to seeing lots of members at the Rex on Monday. It’s not too late to get a ticket – with a few spots left you might be lucky!

Tickets at:


Leighton Drury

State Secretary

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