Code Red – Minimum Crewing Peak Hill

January 31, 2020

Minimum Crewing at Peak Hill

Members may be aware that FRNSW are replacing Class 2 Urban Pumpers at Isolated Retained Stations with Class 1 Tankers. The intention and the Risk Management Tool FRNSW is using to make the change is unclear, our stance on the safety of the public, our members and Minimum Crewing is not.

The FBEU want to ensure that Firefighters remain safe and firefighting operations are effective. This can only occur when crews responding in these stations maintain minimum crewing of 4 firefighters on the appliance. It is critical that we do not allow these safety standards to slip.

The single appliances at these locations are not considered specialist appliances and therefore not subject to the Sitrep No. 27 2011, or the Commissioners Orders 2011/15.

Therefore, members are instructed not to arrange or perform Standby, Out-duty or Relief at any location where the Class 2 Urban Pump has been replaced with a Class 1 Tanker (which at this stage is Peak Hill) unless there is a minimum crew of 4 available firefighters. This instruction is to remain in place until lifted by the State Secretary.

If members are asked to arrange or perform Standby, Outduty or Relief at Peak Hill or any location and there is not a minimum crew of 4 available firefighters, they are to contact the Union Office or your State Committee Official.

Leighton Drury

State Secretary

There is a print version of this Code Red here. 



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