Code Red – Major Aerial Appliances

July 31, 2020


Members would be aware of the Department’s announcement that they will be introducing a new appliance into their fleet, featuring a platform in excess of 25 metres and CAFS capability. Accordingly, they are new work and the members at Stations set to be delivered the Major Aerial Pumpers have been diligent in ensuring that these new appliances are safe and that they have the right training.

Having taken this issue to the Industrial Relations Commission and SafeWork NSW, there has been significant progress and we have a commitment from the Department that Station Officers will at minimum be delivered theoretical training, and that there will be an in-person Risk Assessment conducted by both a Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs) and a Qualified Aerial Operator when these appliances are delivered sometime in August.

Training for this is currently scheduled to begin next Monday the 3rd of August at 050 Hornsby Station, followed by the 8th of August at 092 St Andrews Station. Both the members and the State Committee of Management are of the view that this training should not go ahead currently as there has not been a Risk Assessment conducted for these appliances and they have not been assessed by the trainers. In addition to this, the training has not been reviewed or accepted by the Training Review Committee (TRC).

Therefore, members are hereby instructed to not be involved in the delivery of, or participate in any training at Stations related to the Major Aerial Pumpers until such time as:

  1. an In-Person Risk Assessment is completed for the appliances with both the elected HSRs and a Qualified Operator
  2. the trainers can review the appliances
  3. the training has been reviewed and accepted by the TRC

This instruction is to remain in place until lifted by the State Secretary. If members are being directed to do this, they are to contact the Union Office or your State Committee of Management Representative.

Leighton Drury

State Secretary

You can download this Code Red here.



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