SitRep 24/2021

May 21, 2021

  • Blayney Fire Station Upgrade
  • FBEU Merchandise

Blayney Fire Station Upgrade

Last Saturday saw the announcement of over $1 million in state government funding to refurbish and expand Blayney Fire Station. You can more read about why members have been fighting for this here.

The following was sent through by the station delegate Casey Dixon who has been crucial to getting this win:

“Station 227 Blayney was recently successful in obtaining funding to relocate to the existing RFS station that sits behind our current 93-year-old FRNSW station. The funding will also ensure the relocated station is fit for purpose for what we as a service do today. The announcement by our local MP was a great way to mark our centenary celebrations.

We were able to manage this by putting pressure on the Department by creating shortages, maintaining a united front and never wavering under pressure. We fought the hard fight for well over 12 months and truthfully, sometimes wanted to give up. As a Retained firefighter, you do this job for your community, and we didn’t want to let them down. But we forged on, knowing our community were right behind us. Their support was incredible.

What a legacy Captain Anthony Kearney and Deputy Captain Keith Kearney will have created. All current serving members trusted them and supported them as they drove the issue hard, and the Union in turn supported us all. We know that we were only fighting for what we all deserve – a safe, fit-for-purpose station. And you can too.”

The work of these members sets a great precedent for other stations who are in a similar position. The State Government has no excuse for failing to provide safe workplaces for their own workforce, not when they’re more than happy to spend eyewatering sums of money on footy stadiums and budget blowouts for pet projects.

We know that stations across NSW are in varying states of disrepair and some, regardless of age, are just not up to scratch, and I encourage members to speak with their SCOM Rep about tackling it collectively.

FBEU Merchandise

Members may or may not be aware that we have FBEU merchandise ranging from hoodies to hooded towels, classic t-shirts and hats. The merchandise is manufactured in Australia, or ethically sourced where this isn’t possible, and ECA accredited. We are currently in the process of finalising our online shop but until then, please contact the office to make a purchase via or (02) 9218 3444. You can view the current merchandise here. We also have beanies on the way and we’ll let you know when they’ll be arriving.

In Unity,

Shane Kennedy

State Secretary

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