SitRep 27/2021

June 4, 2021

  • Award Update
  • Review of 24 Hour Shifts

Award Update

As reported in last week’s SitRep, we were in the Industrial Relations Commission this week along with the Department for our Award claims, spending Monday in conciliation and then three days in a hearing.

Throughout this process we’ve looked at options for progressing some issues with FRNSW without the need for changes to the Award. This is an ongoing process and so some items from the log of claims have been taken out of the application and will continue to be discussed in the coming weeks. The aim is to resolve these matters without the need to arbitrate through the Award process.

Other issues including any pay rise were dealt with in the hearing. The Department continued to argue for a 0.3% pay rise with no backpay which we obviously opposed, and we strongly argued the case for a fair and reasonable 2.5% pay rise with backpay.

It is likely that a decision won’t be handed down for some months. We will of course update you as soon as we have anything further to report.

I again want to thank everyone involved in what has been a lengthy Award round. When it comes to our pay and conditions, we must always fight hard to protect what we’ve already won and to continue to improve things.

Review of 24 Hour Shifts

We have been approached by the Department regarding a proposal to review the 24 hour roster.

We recently attended a meeting at the Department’s request to better understand exactly what is being proposed; however, they were unable to respond to any of our initial concerns at that time.

Our position remains the same and we do not support any proposal to change or abandon the 24 hour roster.

Like any industrial matter, the Department has an obligation to consult with the Union which we expect them to comply with on this issue.

We will update you on any changes or progress in this space as it happens.

In Unity,

Shane Kennedy

State Secretary

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