SitRep 38/2021

July 23, 2021

Response to resignations

 The FBEU State Committee of Management would like to formally thank State Secretary Shane Kennedy and President John Henry for their service to the union. Although we are disappointed to see them step down, we respect their decisions and wish them well.

State Secretary and President Appointments

 In light of these resignations, the State Committee of Management has chosen to appoint Marty Dixon as interim State Secretary and Matthew Graves as the interim President. These appointments will remain until such time as an election is held to replace the two outgoing positions and the results called by the Unions returning officer. The committee unanimously believes that Mr. Dixon and Mr. Graves are the right people to lead the union forward over the next coming months and both have the skills and experience required for these roles.


The AEC has been contacted informing them of our need to hold a bi-election for the 2 vacated positions. That will be conducted at a time dictated by the AEC and may be impacted by the covid-19 pandemic currently at play. We will update the membership with all details and dates as they arise.

In Unity,

State Committee of Management

Covid-19 Code Red Update

 This week, the FBEU filed a dispute in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC), in response to FRNSW’s actions towards members, that were complying with the Code Red issued on 26thJune and then updated on the 19thof July.

The matter was before the Commission today, where we made genuine attempts to reach a middle ground on appropriate restriction levels. During the proceedings, the IRC expressed its reluctance to conciliate this matter whilst a Code Red was in place. At the request of FRNSW, the IRC made a recommendation for the Union to lift the Code Red by 12pm tonight and asked that both parties continue to hold discussions around the issues.

The FBEU believes FRNSW has the ability to limit the need for personnel movement between affected and unaffected zones, however has shown little appetite to do so.

 In the meantime the Senior Officers Sub Branch met around this matter and the 73 SOSB members in attendance voted this motion up unanimously.

That this meeting of the SOSB resolve to request the FBEU to re-enter into constructive negotiations with the department in relation to the management of the safety and wellbeing of members, their families and the communities of NSW, with members of the SOSB included in these negotiations to ensure clear instructions are given to members in relation to movement of staff and staffing dispositions

The State Committee fully supports this resolution and will take immediate steps to pursue the wishes of the sub branch. 

We have considered the recommendation from the IRC, and have determined that at this stage, that the Code Red will remain in place. That said and in light of the outcome of the SOSB meeting, we will be seeking a meeting with relevant FRNSW representatives in an attempt to genuinely resolve the outstanding matters in order for us to reconsider lifting the Code Red.

In Unity,

Martin Dixon
Acting State Secretary

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