SitRep 45/2021

August 20, 2021

COVID Update 

By now you should have all seen the contactless changeover and relieving guidelines which were posted in SITREP last night and can be found on the FBEU website here.

This is the document unchanged, as written by the COVID IMT, but for some reason there are sections of FRNSW who are happy to sit on their hands instead of implementing these important safety measures. I’m left wondering why have a COVID IMT if it’s going to be ignored?

I understand that this guide isn’t perfect, however I also understand our members have the capacity to make these things work at a station level, and will trust them to not only do that but to provide feedback and suggested improvements as these processes bed in.

We now wait impatiently for FRNSW to do the right thing.

Watch this space.

Retained Matters

A reminder for all Retained members to complete the pager survey as soon as possible.

Delegates, please ensure that your crews are provided with the link to the survey and asked to complete it.

There will be a Retained Sub-Branch meeting on 28 August 2021, which all Retained members are encouraged to attend. You can access this meeting via the following Zoom link:

Statutory Declaration Witnesses

Last year, the NSW Government extended the list of people who could witness a statutory declaration to include the Federal Government’s list of authorised witnesses. This list includes, “a permanent employee of a state or territory, or a state or territory authority, with 5 or more years of continuous service, other than such an employee who is specified in another item of this part”.

These provisions have been extended until the end of 2021. This means any FRNSW employee with 5 years or more of continuous service can witness and sign a statutory declaration which may be required for leave to be taken or other purposes. This can also be done remotely via audio-visual link.

You can read more information here.



A process to proceed with essential training has been agreed to between your Union and FRNSW within the COVID IMT.  All training will be prioritised and come through the COVID IMT to ensure all required safety measures are in place. This process will ensure training is undertaken in a methodical and structured way to ensure we keep the trucks rolling.

If you think you or your station is in need of essential training, as always go through your chain of command.


In Unity,

Martin Dixon
Acting State Secretary

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