SitRep 47/2021

August 27, 2021

Level 4 Restrictions remain

Covid update 

FRNSW this afternoon emailed all staff on updated COVID testing and travel permit requirements. The fast moving and ever-changing Health advice is problematic for everyone, but I urge all members to adhere to the advice given. There will be further updates as information and clarification comes to hand. 

Hopefully by now you are all working through the process for Contactless Changeover as found in this document. 

We are still keen to hear your thoughts on where it’s not working and where it can be improved. 

Please provide feedback through your Sub-Branch Rep. 


Health Checks 

If you are having trouble making appointments for your scheduled Health Checks please contact FRNSW’s Health Services as they can issue extensions where required.   


Home Fire Safety Visits 

A reminder to all staff that despite any “permission” or encouragement by Management, Home Fire Safety Visits are banned state-wide.  

The FRNSW Response Levels page on the intranet states that, “All non-emergency related, face-to-face external community engagements are to be suspended”. This includes HFSVs. 

If you are asked to perform this work, FRNSW and the FBEU expect you to reject that request in line with current restrictions.  We also ask that you inform the FBEU so we can take this up with the COVID IMT. 


People Matter Survey  

Participation in this survey is of course voluntary, and the FBEU does not have a strong view either way about whether to complete it or not. It is at your personal discretion. 

The FBEU spent time last week negotiating with FRNSW to give Retained staff the opportunity to receive payment for completing the 2021 People Matters Employee Survey. We are pleased that we were able to find agreement with FRNSW about how to provide payment to Retained staff. Keep an eye on your emails for instructions about how to claim payment once the survey is complete. Any hours used to allow Retained staff to complete the survey will be additional to your ordinary allowable authorised hours. Do not reduce your work in SIMS, Engine Keeping or any other station-based activities – your regular authorised hours are not affected. 


There will be a stand-alone SitRep coming with an update on our Award decisions from the IRC.


In Unity,

Martin Dixon
Acting State Secretary

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