September 2, 2021

Retained Pager Rollout

Following from our updates on FRNSW’s proposed new pager rollout in SitReps 28/2021, 42/2021, 43/2021 and 45/2021, we have now concluded our pager survey and had final discussions with FRNSW about what the rollout will look like going forward.

Firstly, the survey. Thank you to the 506 Retained members who took the time to complete the survey. These survey results have helped to back up our argument in favour of keeping a mobile phone-based turnout system in place. 92.89% of respondents rejected the proposal to turn off the mobile phone turnout system once the new pagers are rolled out. You can view the whole survey results by clicking here.

That is a huge result, and one that we will not ignore. It is, unfortunately, a result that FRNSW has chosen to disregard. If our members concerns are not taken seriously we will take action.

Therefore we are hereby instructing our members who receive the new pagers, that they are only to be turned on for 24 hours per week. For the other 144 hours of the week, you are to rely solely on mobile phone calls for fire calls.

FRNSW will not be able to turn off the phone turnouts for stations that receive the new pager so long as our members are adhering to this instruction. It will force them to investigate and implement a phone-based solution, as we have requested all along. A phone based system also provides a vital back up system if the pagers, or their communication networks fail.

Those stations who have had the pagers rolled out and phone turnouts already turned off, we appreciate that you will not be able to implement this instruction.

There are seven stations involved in the trial, and five have had their phones turned off. The other two stations in the trial, and every other station that comes online in the broader rollout, will implement this instruction and secure this outcome on your behalf.

Having a phone-based turnout is about the safety of our local communities and our members. It’s about making sure four firefighters show up and get on fire trucks.

It’s about making sure our members don’t miss out on fire calls and therefore miss out on income. But finally it’s making sure our voices are heard.

If you have any questions about this instruction, contact the Retained Sub-Branch Secretary Rob Healy, or Industrial Officer Giacomo Arnott on or 9218 3444.

In Unity,

Martin Dixon
Acting State Secretary

You can find a copy of this Code Red here:



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