SitRep 49/2021

September 3, 2021

Level 4 Restrictions remain  

COVID update

Mandatory vaccinations are a hot topic at the moment and we understand people are frustrated by the situation.

NSW Health requires at least one dose of a COVID vaccination for people who live in an LGA of concern starting September 6th.

If you are in doubt, having trouble booking a vaccination or choose not to be vaccinated please contact for clarification. Also contact your Sub Branch Rep if you require assistance.

Your Union encourages vaccination, however we also respect an individuals right to choose. We have to inform everyone that even though we respect individual choice we have no capacity to ignore or overrule a Health Order. If you are unable to work as a result of the Health Orders go through your usual chain of command in the first instance.

There has also been yet another change by the NSW Government to COVID-19 testing requirements.

In short you only need to participate in surveillance testing if you live within Greater Sydney (no longer includes the Central Coast or Shellharbour LGA’s) and have to travel further than 50km from greater Sydney for work.

The updated NSW Health information on the above can be found at:


Respect your FBEU Staff

Due to current situations there has been an understandably large increase to the number of inquiries coming into the office. Can I ask that everyone be patient, we will respond to every enquiry as soon as we can. Calling to check your enquiry has been received is unnecessary and prevents us from actually doing the work you’re expecting.

There have also been disturbing levels of disrespectful, and on occasions, abusive language used with our FBEU staff. Our staff work tirelessly to help us all and they have the right to a safe workplace. We wouldn’t tolerate abuse like we have seen in our own workplaces and I won’t tolerate it in theirs.


NIIEMS audit

This week the FBEU approached FRNSW regarding reports of missing NIIENM data. We understand that some members have been unable to access reports concerning significant events. 

FRNSW have a legislative obligation to maintain such reports in the way of a register of injuries. The Union are highly concerned about the impact missing reports may have on workers compensation claims.

We have requested FRNSW work with the FBEU to develop a scope for an audit of NIIENM data. 

Please contact the FBEU if you have any concerns with injury reporting. Further updates to come.


Perisher staffing

Last week local management decided it was a good idea to walk away from the agreed staffing model for Perisher Fire Station and leave the members there without the capacity to buy food and other essentials. Wiser heads won the day and another firefighter will be starting there ASAP to maintain the agreed staffing levels.


Goodbye and good luck

This week we said goodbye to our hard working lead Industrial Officer Helen.

Helen informed me of her impending departure approximately 6 weeks ago, however out of dedication and care for our members stayed on longer than intended to assist during these trying times.  Helen will start her new job next week with the AMWU where we know she will continue her tireless work for workers rights.

We thank Helen for all she has done for us and wish her all the best.


In Unity,

Martin Dixon
Acting State Secretary

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