Respectful Workplace – Joint Statement

September 10, 2021

Good afternoon everyone

Please find attached a joint communication from FRNSW Executive Director of People and Culture Michael Baldi and myself in relation to respectful behaviour.


Respectful behaviour in challenging times 

As staff and members would appreciate, there are many questions about COVID-19 and vaccinations.

The issue of vaccination can be challenging and divisive and there are many available sources of information.

Understandably some people are concerned about what changes in Public Health Orders may mean for them. However, this is no excuse for rude, disrespectful and unprofessional behaviour.

Unfortunately, staff within the FBEU and FRNSW have recently been subjected to this kind of behaviour. This is not acceptable in any situation. It is not aligned with FRNSW’s values and will not be tolerated by FRNSW and FBEU staff, members and officials.


Social Media Platforms 

It has also been brought to our attention that some inappropriate comments are being made using social media platforms. Please be reminded of the expectations required under the FRNSW Code of Conduct and Ethics and Public Comment and Social Media Policy. In particular, the need to ensure there is clear separation between your personal opinions, beliefs and your employment.

Please be mindful about what message you are sending when posting on social media. FRNSW staff are often held in high esteem by those that we protect and are often looked to as positive examples and role models within our communities.


Valuing and Demonstrating Respect 

People are talking a lot about choice at the moment, but the one choice we ALL need to make is to be respectful.

Whatever your viewpoint, you can choose to be respectful in your conversations and dealings with FRNSW and FBEU staff, with senior officers, with FBEU officials, and most importantly, with each other.

Together, the FBEU and FRNSW wish to remind everyone of the importance of respect and remaining tolerant of different opinions and individual circumstances at all times.


We thank you for your understanding.


Martin Dixon
Acting State Secretary

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