2021 SCOM Election – President Candidate

October 6, 2021

Luke Russell

I am Luke Russell, a senior firefighter of 20 years. I am running for president as I believe experience is what is needed now in the FBEU. I have previously served 2.5 terms as Newcastle Sub-Branch Secretary.

A member of SCoM when the FBEU went through a number of the most significant industrial issues that has been encountered in living memory. The 2012 strike action, first time in 56 years firefighters have walked off the job. I proudly led NS-B out of the stations which resulted in our gold standard workers compensation deal.

I was a part of the team that won the 24hr roster. I was on the frontline for the 18-month battle against tolling of permanent stations. To name a few. I was a member of ScoM when strong industrial issues were won on a regular basis, and I believe that experience is what the president’s role demands. As S-B secretary I was there for the members, and that is the reason for my presidential nomination now. The membership deserves transparent, experienced representation. SCoM deserves transparent, experienced representation. I know that I am the person for that role. A strong impartial member, there for the membership.





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