Agenda for 2021 Annual General Meeting

October 14, 2021


1300 hours, Saturday 30 October 2021
Via Zoom

Meeting Open

Adoption of Minutes

“That the draft minutes of the Union’s 110th Annual General Meeting, held on Monday 26 October 2020, as tabled and circulated prior to this meeting, be received, noted and adopted as a true and correct record of that meeting.”
State Committee Recommendation: SUPPORT

State Secretary’s Annual Report

Auditors Report on FBEU Accounts

Election of Returning Officer

“That this meeting of members elects Comrade Ottley as the Returning Officer for a period of three years in accordance with Rule 22.1.”
State Committee Recommendation: SUPPORT

Appointment of the Union’s Auditors

“That the accounting firm of Daley & Co be re-appointed as the Union’s auditors for a further period of two years and until the 2023 Annual General Meeting is held in accordance with Rule 40.”
State Committee Recommendation: SUPPORT

Meeting close



Leighton Drury
State Secretary

You can download a copy of this notice here.



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