SitRep 50/2022

September 23, 2022

Underpayment of Overtime – Response from FRNSW

Since July, we have been representing several members on the underpayment of overtime who have undertaken staybacks after completing recalls to duty. Under the Permanent Award, members should be paid at double time for overtime incurred under these circumstances, however some members have reported to us that they were only paid time-and-a-half.

FRNSW has written to us to confirm that they have rectified all instances of underpayment under these conditions, and members should have received the remediation payment in the 8th September pay run. FRNSW are in the process of trying to automate this system, however in the meantime, FRNSW Payroll will be monitoring and adjusting pay manually.

This is a timely reminder that all members should check their payslips regularly. If you have been underpaid in these circumstances, and FRNSW has not corrected the error, please contact our office so we can advocate on your behalf to FRNSW. 


Update on Awards

On Wednesday (21 September 2022), the Expenditure Review Committee (ERC) of the NSW Government gave approval for Fire Fighter Award wage outcomes (known as ‘bargaining parameters’) to progress and for firefighters with FRNSW to receive a wage increase of 2.5% in line with the NSW Government Wages policy, with backdating to 26 February 2022.

Award Negotiation and Approval Process

When negotiating Awards FRNSW must go through the following process:

  • FRNSW must seek approval of Award ‘bargaining parameters’ through the Senior Officials Wages Advisory Committee (SOWAC) in NSW Treasury.
  • The role of SOWAC is to ensure that any Award outcomes are consistent with the NSW Government Wages Policy.
  • FRNSW then communicates approved bargaining parameters to the FBEU and the parties commence negotiations.
  • FRNSW and the FBEU recently agreed to a 12 month Award, applying the relevant Wages Policy increase to a total increase of 2.5% including a superannuation guarantee of 0.5%
  • Given our Awards expired on 26 February 2022, the FRNSW and FBEU request for back pay had to be reviewed, considered and supported  by SOWAC and the ERC.

FRNSW have confirmed that this has now occurred.

FRNSW and the FBEU return to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission on Wednesday 28thSeptember to advise the NSW Industrial Relations Commission of the ERC approval, with the intention of finalising the renewal of the Fire Fighter Awards.

A further update will be provided following IRC proceedings next week.

New Sub-Branch Secretaries

Both the Sydney Central and the Central Coast Sub-Branches have new Secretaries due to the resignation of their previous incumbents, Kelly Buchanan and Mick Stone. We would like to thank Kelly and Mick for their service in their sub-branches, and wish them well in the future.

As a result of these casual vacancies, the State Committee of Management has appointed Daniel Spooner as Sydney Central Sub-Branch Secretary, and Robert Slade as Central Coast Sub-Branch Secretary under Rule 24 (1) and (2). We welcome both members to their new positions and we trust our membership will offer Daniel and Robert their full support as they embark on their new responsibilities.


In Unity

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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