Sitrep 55/2022: AGMs, Backpay and Meal Allowances

October 28, 2022


AGMs are commencing next week. The 2021/2022 audited accounts can be viewed here. 

Further, as you may have seen, there is one motion on Agenda for the AGMs being the recission of a previous Special General Meeting decision regarding the UFUA and NSW Branch from 2015. This relates to financial support provided by the FBEU to the NSW Branch of the UFUA. 

For members who are not aware of the background to this matter, in 2010, following a dispute with the UFUA and genuine concerns from the FBEU about the value of the UFUA for NSW firefighters, the FBEU leadership at the time withdrew the FBEU and our members from the NSW Branch of the UFUA. Refer Sitreps/Updates from 2010 including SITREP No. 25/2010, the June 2011 UpdateSITREP No. 32/2010 and SITREP 22/2010.

Support provided to the NSW Branch by the FBEU has been limited since that date with a April 2015 Special General Meeting resolution outlining the formal arrangements – for those who wish to view the previous resolution please follow this link.

The Queensland Union (UFUQ) has recently requested that the UFUA remove the misleading references to the UFUQ being associated with the UFUA. Since then, the UFUA has taken the aggressive step of amending its rules to facilitate persons who joined the UFUQ becoming members of the UFUA.

The FBEU has joined with the UFUQ to make a formal application to the Commonwealth regulator to remove the references to the FBEU and UFUQ in the rules of the UFUA to ensure that firefighters are not misled about which organisation is able to represent them in the two State Tribunals.  

The proposed resolution is consistent with the long-term separation of the FBEU from the UFUA. It makes clear the distinction between the Federal and State Unions and that the FBEU is completely independent of the UFUA.


Wages Increase Backpay for Retired & Separated Members

We have been contacted by several members and former members asking whether backpay will be processed for Firefighters who have recently retired or left the organisation. The Department has confirmed that backpay will be processed for all separated employees in the 3 November 2022 pay period. 

If you have separated from FRNSW since 25 February 2022 and do not receive this backpay, contact HR Payroll in the first instance, and the FBEU if they are unable to assist.

If any current members are aware of former members who fall into this category please reach out and make contact to advise them of this.


Retained Members – Have you been claiming a meal allowance?

It has recently come to the Union’s attention that some retained members have been unaware that they are entitled to meal allowances, and some instances have been told that they could or should not claim a meal allowance.

Section 20.2 of the Retained Award describes instances in which an employee is required to perform work at a temporary location, other than incidents/drills, and not required to reside away from home, they are eligible to be paid a meal allowance.

If you have not been claiming meal allowances for instances where you think you may be eligible, or you are not sure, now is the time to review.

We understand that FRNSW have confirmed they will pay back pay claims for meal allowances where the employee is entitled and it has not been paid so we encourage members to put claims for unpaid meal allowances for the past 6 years and ensure you make claims going forward.

If you have any queries regarding this or need assistance please contact the FBEU via

In Unity

Leighton Drury

State Secretary

A printable copy of this SitRep can be downloaded here



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