Sitrep 58/2022: AGM results, Country Officer Allowances, Log of Claims meetings

November 11, 2022

AGM results

This last week has seen the 112thAnnual General Meetings held all around the state with the final meeting held at 92 Stn St Andrews.  It was great to listen to the discussion and debates raised at these meetings and it’s good to see members engaged and supporting Agenda Issues. The votes were declared on the AGM Motion at the last meeting and are as follows:

Motion Support Reject Abstain
AGM – Recission of General Meeting decision regarding the UFUA 309 0 13
AGM – Adoption of Minutes 196 0 9


Country Officer Allowances

In line with our regular advice for all members to regularly check their payslips, a recent check of payslips by a Country Officer has revealed that they had not been paid the Country Officer allowance for four years. They are now being backpaid.

The FBEU has written to FRNSW asking for an audit to be undertaken to determine how widespread this problem is, but in the meantime, we encourage all who work as Country Officers to check their payslips to make sure the allowance is being paid.


Log of Claims meetings continuing

Senior Industrial Officer Rini Krouskos has been meeting with members across the state in a series of Log of Claims meetings, in order to gather feedback from members about what issues need to be addressed most urgently. The information gathered at these meetings will help us put together a draft claim for our upcoming 2023 Award negotiations.

The meetings have been well-attended, with a range of important issues being brought up. Although different regions and stations have different issues, one thing is clear, as a member from the ESA said: “The only reason the system works is because we’re propping it up.”  

You can still provide your feedback to us via a survey which you can access here

The meetings yet to be held are as follows:

Monday 14 November 1800 – Retained Regional North/South (zoom)

Tuesday 15  November 1300 – Senior Officer Sub Branch (zoom)

Tuesday 15 November 1800 – Retained Regional West/Metro West (zoom)

Wednesday 16 November 0900 – Comms (In person at Newcastle, by zoom for others)

Wednesday 16 November 1800 – Retained Metro North (zoom)

Thursday 17 November 1800 – Retained Metro South/East (zoom)

 The zoom links are available by clicking here.

In Unity

Leighton Drury

State Secretary

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