Member Notice: Proposed changes to Union rules

December 22, 2023

FBEU proposed rule changes

As discussed at the last two Delegates’ Conferences, the FBEU State Committee of Management has commenced a process to review, update and modernise our rules. This work has been undertaken by State Committee in conjunction with lawyers who specialise specifically in Union rules. Following advice from the lawyers and feedback from SCOM, the below proposed rule changes will now proceed in accordance with clause 47 of the FBEU Rules.

A copy of our current rules can be found on our website for those who require a copy.

The key substantive change provided for in these proposed rule changes is to increase the current term of your State Committee from 3 years to 4 years. This rule change has been proposed by State Committee to provide greater stability and opportunity to achieve through the term of SCOM as well as to align our elections with the term of the NSW State Election.

Further changes proposed include:

  1. An additional clause to allow Annual General Meetings to be delayed past October if there is an important reason to do so, a pandemic for example.
  2. Confirmation and clarification that Leading Station Officers shall remain in their geographical Sub-Branches rather than being in the Senior Officers’ Sub-Branch.
  3. Updating references to payment by cheque to now include payment by account electronic funds transfers/credit cards.


The formal proposal is as follows:

Motion 1

Delete rule 11(1) and insert in lieu:

Each year the Union shall hold an Annual General Meeting at which all financial members of the Union shall be entitled to attend provided that if, taking into account the happening, or likely happening, of a critical event, it is not possible to administratively, and cost effectively, program an Annual General Meeting then the State Committee of Management may determine to hold the Annual General Meeting at a later time.

Motion 2

Delete rule 11(1A) and insert in lieu:

(1A)   Subject to sub-rule (1), the Annual General Meeting of the Union shall be held each October at a time, day and place to be decided by the State Committee of Management.

Motion 3

Insert in rule 12(3) the word ‘Leading’ immediately prior to the words ‘Station Officer’.

Motion 4

Insert in rule 12(4) the word ‘Leading’ immediately prior to the words ‘Station Officer’.

Motion 5

Delete rule 19(9)(ii) and insert in lieu:

‘(ii)     where the amount exceeds $200 the State Secretary shall pay the same in accordance with Rule 30(4).’

Motion 6

In rule 23(1) the word ‘three’ be deleted and insert in lieu the word ‘four’.

Motion 7

Delete rule 30(4) and insert in lieu:

(4)      All payments from the Union fund, including by way of cash, cheque and electronic funds transfer, must be authorised by any two of the persons occupying the offices of President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President or State Secretary provided that:

(a)      where prior authorisation by resolution of the State Committee of Management for the payment of regular or scheduled working expenses exists; and

(b)      where payment by credit card is the most practicable or sole means of making payment, then payment may be made by credit card provided that all credit card payments are presented to the next meeting of the State Committee of Management for review.

Motion 7

In rule 51(9) the word ‘three’ be deleted and insert in lieu the word ‘four’.

Motion 8

That the Secretary is directed to promptly, and in accordance with the rules, make application for the amendment of the rules of the Union in respect of the motions approved.

In accordance with clause 47 of the rules, on 19 December 2023, the State Committee of Management directed the State Secretary to summons a meeting of the State Committee of Management to consider a proposed alteration, amendment, rescission or substitution of the Union Rules and to publish these proposed rule changes to the membership as required for a period of 28 days.

During this period members are welcome to provide feedback/ask any questions on these proposal via their sub-branch secretary.

State Committee of Management will meet to further consider this proposal. This meeting will be held at 1-7 Belmore Street Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW on 20th January 2024 commencing at 10 a.m.

Should State Committee resolve to endorse the motions, they will be published to the membership within 14 days of the resolution of SCOM. Members will then have a further 14 days in which to seek a plebiscite regarding the rules. The process to do so is contained in clause 47(5) of the rules. Should there be no request for a plebiscite in accordance with the requirements of clause 47(5) then the rule changes as resolved by State Committee will be made.


In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

Click here to download a printable version of this Notice. 



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