SitRep 1 /2024

January 12, 2024


With the FBEU office re-opening this week we are back with a busy start.

As we catch up on all the industrial issues that have been ongoing over the break implementing the 2023 Award continues at full pace along with negotiations for the 2024 Award.

Joint Consultative Committee, Health Screening and Promotional Pathways

We had our first JCC back this year on Wednesday where we continue to progress consultation on dozens of items. The Health Screening Transition Working Party and New Promotional Pathways Working Party are scheduled to meet next week to continue to progress implementation of those issues. 

For those who are ringing in with queries about the new Health Screening program, the new system allowing you to choose between UHG, the FRNSW Occupation Physician and your own GP to complete your health screen should begin with implementation from mid to late February so watch this space for a more detailed update on this. If you were due to complete a health check or take any action in relation to your health check after 3 December 2023 and you haven’t heard from FRNSW yet, await further information from FRNSW about the new system in the coming weeks. 

The new promotional pathway is also moving along, and we should be in a position to put more information out about it following our meeting next week. 

2024 Awards

This week we have also been in touch with the IR Ministers Office and the Emergency Services Ministers Office regarding the 2024 Award and the process from here. 

As we advised last year, FRNSW still do not have bargaining parameters and therefore are unable to make any formal offer to us, nor accept or reject the offer we have put to them. We have made our position clear to both FRNSW and the Government that we are not prepared to sit by and wait. We will be filing our proposed Award with the IRC prior to expiry, and we are starting preparations in the office for an industrial campaign should it be necessary.

Dates will be coming out shortly for a meeting of the Bans Committee to consider actions/campaign activities in support of this Award claim. If anyone who isn’t on this committee already from last year is interested in joining, please contact FBEU Senior Industrial Officer Rini Krouskos via email on

Any campaign will only be successful however with the commitment and solidarity of you, our members. I hope you have therefore all come into 2024 well rested and ready for a fight if we need it. I can promise you myself and the rest of State Committee of Management are.

In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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