SitRep 11/2024

March 1, 2024


With the IR Minister yesterday confirming in budget estimates that there is still no approval on bargaining parameters for our expired Awards, we are asking off-duty members who are available to Save the Date for Wednesday 6 March (next week). Further details regarding these campaign activities will be released soon.


As advised in SitRep 7, requests for a plebiscite on the proposed rule changes were received by the FBEU office earlier in February.

The requests have now been reviewed, and specialist legal advice has been provided to SCOM. The advice received is that the requests have significant defects in terms of their conformity with the requirements in the rules and therefore a plebiscite is not required to progress the rule changes.

Despite this, SCOM resolved yesterday that a plebiscite on the proposed changes should still occur. While the requests may not comply with the formal requirements, they do indicate a desire from a portion of the membership to have these matters proceed to a vote of the full membership. Therefore, in the interests of democracy and transparency of decision-making, SCOM has determined that a plebiscite should be held.

As SCOM elections are currently occurring, in order to avoid any confusion in the voting process and to ensure that the incoming SCOM have an opportunity to consider this matter fully, the plebiscite will not be held until after the SCOM elections have been declared and the new Committee has commenced. The rule changes will not take effect until the plebiscite is completed.

Further information on this will be provided after the SCOM elections.


In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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