SitRep 13/2024

March 5, 2024


FBEU members in Wollongong showed up in force today, descending on the office of Minister Paul Scully in a further escalation of our industrial campaign. 

In an article from the Daily Telegraph last week, the Premier acknowledged the concerns of FBEU members but offered cold comfort so far as a resolution, stating “We don’t have an agreement today and I understand they’re unhappy about that, but it’s a process … I have faith the government will get a good resolution.” The Union has otherwise had no word from the Premier or the Government. 

The inaction from the Minns Government is extremely disappointing and cannot go unaddressed. The FBEU call on members to turnout at the following campaign events:

Wednesday 11am Parliament House, Sydney
Available off-duty members are to meet 11am at the rear of Parliament on Hospital Road for a briefing with FBEU Officials prior to marching on Macquarie Street.

Friday 10am Gosford
Available off-duty members are to meet at 10am at Gosford Fire Station.

Friday 10am Newcastle
Available off-duty members are to contact Newcastle Sub-Branch Rep Jason Morgan for full details on 0413 526 873 on actions local to the Newcastle area.

In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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