SitRep 14/2024

March 7, 2024


On Wednesday, FBEU members proudly rallied in force marching on Macquarie St as part of the latest escalation in our industrial campaign, the result of yet another week of inaction from the Minns Government. 

On behalf of our State Committee, we extend our sincere appreciation to all members, young and old, who attended the demonstration and for your commitment to the cause. 

While the Minns Government was not bold enough to address members directly, our message was loud and clear, with reports from within State Parliament noting that procession of members and pumpers, horns blaring, was hard to ignore. 

This was the second rally of many, with actions planned for the Central Coast and Newcastle tomorrow, and in addition to those which occurred in Wollongong on Tuesday. For as long as professional firefighters continue to be ignored by the Minns Government, FBEU members will continue to campaign, turn-put, and raise awareness of our plight. 

I want to say a special thanks to the HSU Ambulance Division, and HSU Secretary Gerard Hayes, who attended the rally to show support for the FBEU. Ambulance members at the HSU know too well our struggle for recognition in a dangerous line of work and we thank them for their solidarity. 

Members can view the extensive media coverage of the action on the FBEU Facebook page.


 Per Sitrep 13, Members local to the Central Coast and Newcastle are called to rally tomorrow. Details are as follows:

Friday 10am Gosford  Available off-duty members are to meet at 10am at Gosford Fire Station.
Friday 10am Newcastle  Available off-duty members are to contact Newcastle Sub-Branch Rep Jason Morgan for full details on 0413 526 873 on actions local to the Newcastle area.

Campaign actions and notices will continue to be provided via way of Sitrep.

In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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