SitRep 15/2024

March 8, 2024


Our campaign actions calling on the State Government to respect, protect and value us as professional firefighters continued today.

Hundreds of members showed up to campaign activities across both the Central Coast and Newcastle in coordinated action to continue to push the State Government into coming to the table with a fair and reasonable wages offer.

Members on the Central Coast met with Local Federal MP Dr. Gordon Reid at Gosford Fire Station who committed to raising our campaign with his State counterparts; while in Newcastle, firefighters marched from Newcastle Fire Station to MP Tim Crakanthorp’s office to bring the message directly to him as a member of the State Government, who likewise came out to address those in attendance and promised to contact the IR Minister today and outline our concerns.

All members should be proud of your solidarity and commitment to this campaign, particularly those of you who showed up this week to the various campaign activities. Keep the momentum up and let’s make sure this Government, and all future Governments know that firefighters will stand up and act when necessary.

This type of coordinated campaign events will only continue to escalate until the Government puts an offer on the table that respects the inherently dangerous and difficult job that we do, protects us from those dangers (including delivering the necessary changes to presumptive legislation to increase the occupational cancers we are covered for) and values the real skills, knowledge, and qualifications of a professional firefighter today.

Watch this space for more action next week, particularly those of you in regional areas.

In the meantime, some simple actions all members can do today to support the campaign:

  1. Like, share and positively comment on FBEU social media posts to make sure our message it’s getting out as far and wide as possible.
  2. Send a letter to your local MP as a professional firefighter in support of the campaign (some key messages to include will be coming out early next week).
  3. Change all station notice boards to our campaign slogan: Respect, Protect. Value. Your Firefighters.
  4. Watch Sitrep for further campaign activities and keep showing up.

In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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