SitRep 21/2024

March 28, 2024

Award Negotiation Update

Following on from our action last week, it seems our message was definitely heard loud and clear, with high level meetings with both Government and FRNSW already occurring this week and continuing into next week.

Meanwhile, as we consider our next escalation point should it be necessary, we need to continue to push our message publicly. With our trucks being the perfect mobile billboards, we are again calling on all members to use liquid chalk to prominently display on all appliances our campaign message, which is:





You should not write on any painted surfaces on FRNSW appliances. Only chalk up glass and aluminium surfaces. We also recommend that you test the liquid chalk on a glass/metal surface and ensure it can be cleanly removed before you use it on FRNSW property.

Liquid chalk can be purchased at some supermarkets and art supply/stationary stores. If you do not have any left from last year’s campaign, you can purchase more and keep the receipt, and contact the office through with a copy of it and your contact details to arrange reimbursement.

You can view our current Code Reds by clicking here. Please familiarise yourself with these Code Reds and ensure they are being followed by all staff until otherwise instructed by the State Secretary.

SCOM Elections

Just a reminder to everyone, ballots for the SCOM elections will begin being posted on Wednesday next week. As with all post, these ballots may take some time to arrive and be returned to the NSW Electoral Commission. All members should ensure to post their completed ballot paper as soon as possible after receiving it to ensure your vote is counted. Ballots may begin arriving for those of you within the GSA by the end of the week, and early into next week with regional and rural areas to follow in the following 7 days or so.

Happy Easter!

Lastly, can I just say to those who will be celebrating this weekend, Happy Easter. I hope you each get some time with your families and loved ones over the break for those of us not working, and to those on duty, stay safe and enjoy the easter eggs.

For Retained Firefighters, all single time work performed on Easter Sunday will be paid at overtime rates from 0000 hours to 2400 hrs.

For Permanent Firefighters, all work performed on Easter Sunday will be credited to each individual Firefighter as consolidated leave equal to the numbers of hours worked. For those who work on regular shift until 0800 Easter Sunday, 8 hours of consolidated leave will be credited, and those working on regular shift from 0800 Easter Sunday until 0800 Monday will be credited with 16 hours of consolidated leave.

For everyone not on regular shift, any overtime or other duties performed during these hours will see consolidated leave credited for work between 0000 and 2400.

In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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