SitRep 23/2024

April 4, 2024


High-level bargaining meetings continued this week as FBEU officials continued to advocate for our demands, both to FRNSW and to key decision makers within State Government. Our message has been consistent. Industrial action will continue to escalate until a fair wages offer is put on the table.

This afternoon I was joined at State Parliament by President Mick Johnsen and SCOM reps Ben Gaudin and Aydan Chodkiewicz to ensure that the Premier himself was acutely aware of the situation. On your behalf, FBEU officials have reiterated to Premier Minns that the situation is untenable and will be addressed by members with continued industrial action if left unresolved. The issue of presumptive legislation and the expansion of the occupational cancers to be covered by the legislation was also further discussed and we continue to press for an outcome on this ASAP.

Both parties are back before the IRC next Thursday where we expect an offer. If not, the next course of action will become very clear. As much will be reiterated tomorrow as we meet with Minister Cotsis and Minister Dib.


As previously noted, State Parliament is not sitting for the remainder of this month. As such, and dependent on the above-mentioned IRC discussions, the State Committee are considering a shift of gears in the campaign for strategic and targeted impact.

As a reminder, this campaign is a marathon and not a sprint. With the solidarity and commitment I have seen from members so far though, I have no doubt we will prevail. Let’s keep the momentum going and watch this space next week for announcements.  


Lastly, I am also pleased to report that after significant effort through the new consultative process established in the 2023 Awards, the FBEU and FRNSW have now agreed to the principles which establish the new promotional pathway from Senior Firefighter to Station Officer. A copy of which can be found here. This document will be implemented going forward as the new promotional pathway and will also be drafted as new clauses in the 2024 Awards.

On the back of this, the parties will now re-focus on finalising the SO to Inspector pathway, delivering on the member-endorsed 2023 Log of Claims to enshrine a fairer and more streamlined promotional process.

Importantly, these changes will also enable new provisions from the 2023 Award concerning productivity and efficiencies to be put to work, with changes to the promotional processes currently being costed for productivity, efficiency and/or cost-savings which will be provided back to members through the 2024 Awards.

I want to thank President Mick Johnsen and SOSB Rod Chetwynd for their dedication and commitment in developing and delivering these changes.

In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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