SitRep 24/2024

April 5, 2024


A new Code Red in support of the Respect, Protect, Value campaign have been issued today. A copy of this can be found here.

The new Code Red includes using the FRNSW Station Facebook pages and community notice boards to publicly communicate our campaign message and an email which we are seeking all members send to Premier Minns in support of our campaign. You can copy and paste the content of this email from the Code Red and send it to

As we await the IRC hearing next week to see if this Government will finally come to the table with a wages offer before determining what, if any, further stop works or other action is needed, I am getting overwhelming feedback from members that our t-shirts, noticeboards and writing on the trucks is getting a hugely positive response from members of the community supporting our campaign. I want to up the ante on that public facing campaign with the new Code Red today.

Also, to assist you in those conversations with the members of the community see below talking points which can be used under our campaign headings: 



Firefighter awards including our terms and conditions of employment and safety provisions expired on 25 February 2024 but we still have no offer, or bargaining parameters from the Minns Government to even commence negotiations.

We provided our Log of Claims to our employer last year but negotiations have not been able to progress or even really commence without any position from the Government or FRNSW.

Firefighters deserve the respect of good faith negotiations and real wages offer.

We are seeking 20% pay increases over 3 years. 



A firefighter risk of cancer is 3-5 times greater than the general population. We might look protected but even our uniforms can fully protect us from the toxins we are exposed to in our work. Presumptive cancer laws means that firefighters do not have to prove that firefighting is the cause of our cancer as this link has already been scientifically established. This makes it easier and speedier to access workers compensation when we get sick from our job.

Current NSW presumptive legislation provides covers some cancers but not all. We are currently not covered for a range of cancers including oesophageal, lung, skin, cervical, ovarian, penile, pancreatic, thyroid and uterine cancer along with malignant mesothelioma.

These laws need to be updated to properly cover NSW firefighters. This has already occurred in other jurisdictions including federal firefighters such as those who work at airports for example.

 Members of the community can support us by visiting and send a message to the Minister and your local MP. 



Firefighter wages and conditions (along with the rest of the public service) stagnated under the previous Liberal /National Government who had in place a legislated wages cap restricting our wage increases to no more than 2% per year for 10 years including a 0.3% increase 2021.

This has meant our wages and conditions have fallen well behind the cost of living increases the whole community is experiencing as we continue to attempt to live and work in the most expensive State in Australia.

Firefighters are highly trained and skilled and do so much more than just fight fires. We are there for protecting the community of NSW during floods, storms and other natural disasters. We provide rescue services including:

  • Urban Search and Rescue.
  • Technical Rope Rescue.
  • Confined Space Rescue.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Rescue.
  • Rescue from Transport including trains, planes, and ships.
  • Industrial Rescue.
  • Domestic Rescue.
  • Swift Water Rescue.
  • Alpine Rescue
  • HAZMAT rescue; and
  • Animal Rescue.

We manage hazardous material incidents including chemical, biological and radiological incidents along with investigating fire cause and origin and highly technical incident management.

The full range of our skills, qualifications and the work that we do has never been properly valued or reflected in our pay and conditions and it’s time that they are.



If members have any questions regarding these talking points, the Code Reds or the Award campaign you can contact the office via email at

Keep up the hard work everyone.


In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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