SitRep 25/2024

April 9, 2024


We have been receiving queries from members regarding concerns that ballot papers for the SCOM elections have been water damaged.

The NSW Electoral Commission has advised that if the ballot paper and envelopes are still readable, you can still complete your ballot as long as you are able to complete the declaration on the Ballot paper only envelope and return the ballot material in the reply-paid envelope.

If your ballot paper has been too damaged to complete, please contact the NSW Electoral Commission ASAP either via phone on 1300 135 736 or email If you need a new ballot paper this will need to be posted again and could take some time, so we recommend making contacting as soon as you are able to seek this through the Electoral Commission.

A reminder ballots close at 5pm 30 April so all ballots need to be returned and received by the NSW Electoral Commission by no later than this date.


A reminder that the Comsafe chargeable AFA stop code ban and the Samsung pump phone ban are still in place.

FRNSW is aware of their legal obligation to consult with the FBEU on their proposal to close Comsafe. We are in regular contact with our Comsafe comrades providing them with updates on our ongoing efforts. I spoke to the Minister this week about Comsafe and he was receptive to our case for the retention of the business unit. Discussions continue – until then, please continue to follow the chargeable AFA stop code ban.

We have been in contact with FRNSW almost every week since the Samsung pump phone code red was issued, asking for assurances that all new Samsung phones which are being rolled out to stations with phones affected by the battery bulging are themselves safe from the same thing happening to them.

So far FRNSW has been unable to secure assurances from the manufacturer that the componentry is safe from overcharging & thermal runaway, but we understand these efforts are ongoing.

Until we get that confirmation, for the safety of our crews, appliances, and the community, we ask that you continue to keep Samsung pump phones off all appliances until we can guarantee their safety.

For a full list of Code Reds still in effect, click here.

In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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