SitRep 27/2024

April 16, 2024


On 5 April, a Code Red was issued which updated our actions in the Award Expiry Industrial Campaign. In that Code Red, members were instructed to use FRNSW Station Facebook pages to promote FBEU industrial messaging, to use liquid chalk on trucks, and to change station noticeboards.

Today we have become aware that the social media posts and noticeboards seem to have struck a nerve with FRNSW, with emails going out instructing crews to contravene the Code Red for these activities.

Members are reminded that the 5 April Code Red, along with all others on the Code Red page, remains in place until otherwise instructed by the State Secretary, meaning members are to continue posting campaign messages and continue with noticeboard campaign messaging until further notice.

Members are reminded to be respectful in social media posts and noticeboard messages, as we know you all are.

I also want to particularly remind members of the section of the Code Red which states that, “all members are hereby instructed to not participate in any activity that relates to discipline, counselling or any other activity which has an adverse impact on a member’s employment where that activity is in relation to compliance with any Code Reds issued by the FBEU. Members are also instructed to not participate in any activity which would create a record of any other members participation in these Code Reds”.

Any member under direct pressure from management to breach a Code Red is to contact the FBEU Office or their SCOM Representative immediately, and to not take any action until advice is received.

Keep it up – if FRNSW is reacting like this, then the politicians must be copping a lot of heat. All the Government needs to do is agree to our Log of Claims and it all ends.


In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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