Code Red LIFTED – Hytrans Training

May 24, 2024

Code Red Lifted – Hytrans Training

Following discussions today, the Department has committed to training both Retained and Permanent on the new Hytrans appliances.
We have reached agreement on hourly pay for Retained who use the appliances. The FBEU has requested that an allowance be paid to all staff who are trained in Hytrans to account for their specialist skills, knowledge, and ability to operate these appliances. FRNSW is going to provide an answer on this by Tuesday to allow the allowance matter to progress through the Award consultative processes.
If the allowance matter is not resolved, we will consider putting this Code Red back on, so stay tuned.
FRNSW and the FBEU will draw up an agreement on how Hytrans will be operated, and staff pay and conditions. Once that agreement is finalised, we will provide that to affected members.
Training will continue for Permanent staff over the next 2 weeks, with Retained being trained throughout June.
Thank you again to the Firefighters who have been working with us to get the Department into discussions. The last-minute rush could have been avoided had the Department agreed to talk to us 6 months ago, which should hopefully be a good lesson for them.
The below Hytrans Training Code Red is therefore lifted, and training may proceed as planned.


In Unity

Leighton Drury
State Secretary


Deputy Commissioner Stiffler has been repeatedly ignoring Award consultation requirements around several projects that fall under the Strategic Capability umbrella, one of which is the matter of 3 new Hytrans appliances.

Our months-long efforts to get basic information out of the Strategic Capability team on this project in particular has demonstrated a concerning lack of respect for and compliance with our Awards, which the Commissioner has to rein in and deal with.

Until the Department consults properly with us on their Hytrans proposal, to the satisfaction of the FBEU and its members, members are instructed:

  1. From 0900 Friday 24 May 2024, members are not to participate in any physical training relating to Hytrans/Bulk Water Transfer System, the hook truck associated with it, or in any theory work or online training that relates to the system or its hook truck.
  2. From 0900 Friday 24 May 2024, members are not to deliver any physical training to any Firefighter relating to Hytrans/Bulk Water Transfer System or the hook truck associated with it, or provide access to any Firefighter to any theory work or online training that relates to the system or its hook truck.


This instruction remains in effect until otherwise advised by the State Secretary.

Any member with questions is to contact their SCOM Rep or the FBEU office for more information or advice.



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