Code Red – Assist Ambulance Calls

June 27, 2024

Code Red – Assist Ambulance Calls

As members would be all too aware, there is an expectation by Government, FRNSW, and indeed the people of NSW, that we will undertake work which is outside of our core roles. This new work has been thrust on professional firefighters over the past few years with no consultation, very little training, no extra funding, and certainly no extra remuneration.

Our current wage claim, which is before Government, goes some way to rectify this, using the Minns Government’s own Mutual Gains Bargaining parameters. We have shown Government the work we are doing and how often we are doing it, clearly justifying our claim. Unfortunately, this Government doesn’t seem to consider logic and reality, but is instead sticking its collective head deeper into the sand. The Minns Government seems so intent on ignoring the work we do that they even have Government Departments such as the Premier’s Department intervening in our Award negotiations. These people have no place at the negotiating table when we are talking about Firefighter’s conditions and pay.

A clear example of why these people should stay in their lane is the Premier’s Department, which is different to the Premier’s Office, have said there is little to no value in professional firefighters covering other agencies rescue areas, or responding to Assist Ambulance calls, and therefore will not look into the savings we provide across NSW nor the additional money for us for doing the work. Putting aside the ridiculousness of these people thinking they have any understanding of emergency management, it seems we need to educate politicians and bureaucrats of the worth of professional firefighters. From the NSW State Rescue Board’s definition of domestic rescue:

Domestic Rescue (DR) – involves the rescue of occupants trapped in household settings. This includes such things as children with fingers in drain plugs, removal of rings, and individuals who are incapable of leaving their home due to ill health.

Therefore, effective immediately, all Assist Ambulance calls are hereby banned unless General Land Rescue designated stations are responded by the Police Rescue Coordinator, or you are a Community First Response station.

If calls are received by Non GLR or non CFR stations, members are to contact the Comms Supervisor and inform them that the Police Rescue Coordinator should be contacted and an accredited rescue unit needs to be responded and that you won’t be responding.

As this wage round continues, we will be banning more work that we are not remunerated for if the Government doesn’t respect, protect and value professional firefighters.

I have spoken with the Health Services Union and provided them with advance notice of this Code Red.


In Unity

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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