CODE RED – Strategic Operations Centre

July 11, 2024

CODE RED – Strategic Operations Centre

We are aware that the Department is recalling Senior Officers to the SOC to undertake administrative tasks including organising recalls and relief duties. Despite this occurring for the past couple of weeks, the Department has so far failed to consult the FBEU on the SOC being used for this purpose.

Therefore, effective immediately, and until the FBEU is consulted and supports the work being performed at the SOC, all Senior Officers are to adhere to the following:

  1. All Senior Officers who are called to perform a recall at the SOC or any other location must ask for the purpose of the recall and are to refuse any recall that is not covering a shortage of another staff member, or for an incident-related purpose.
  1. IMT members who are asked to attend the SOC, are to confirm the purpose for being asked to attend the SOC prior to attending and may only respond to the SOC for incident-related purposes. While in the SOC, no members are to perform any work related to shortages, recalls, relief duties, or any other administrative task, and must confine their work to regular IMT incident-related work.
    1. For the avoidance of doubt, IMT members at the SOC who are recalling of staff in response to a major incident or emergency is excluded from this instruction.

This instruction remains in place and must be followed until lifted by the State Secretary.

The Department signed up to an Award in October 2023 which requires consultation on matters such as this. There is no excuse for failing to engage in consultation.

In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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