Sitrep 17/2023: Nsw Professional Firefighters € When Time’s Not On Your Side, We Are.

March 25, 2023
This week hundreds of FBEU members stood up and spoke out to ensure the message of professional firefighters was heard by the NSW Government and the voting public. Since early voting commenced last Saturday, members have been a constant presence […]
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Sitrep 16/2023: Code Reds Updated

March 24, 2023
Outcome of FRNSW Dispute over Code Reds – Code Reds Updated Further to last night’s Sitrep, FRNSW and the FBEU attended conciliation today before the IRC regarding FRNSW dispute over the Code Reds issued earlier this week, in support of […]
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Sitrep 15/2023: Frnsw File Dispute Re Code Reds

March 23, 2023
This afternoon FRNSW filed a dispute with the Industrial Relations Commissions regarding the Code Reds issued by the FBEU yesterday afternoon. The matter has been listed before the IRC at 11am tomorrow for compulsory conference. Members will be provided with […]
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Sitrep 14/2023 : Let’s Fix Our Fire Service

March 22, 2023
Award Update – It’s Time for Members to Show Your Support for the Fix Our Fire Service Industrial Campaign As per our previous update on Award negotiations, yesterday the FBEU and FRNSW spent several hours in conciliation before the IRC […]
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Sitrep 13 Of 2023 – State Election Campaigners Needed; Health Checks Dispute; Award Negotiations; Covid Risk Assessment.

March 17, 2023
State Election 2023 – We Need You Pre-poll for the State Election starts tomorrow, and our members are fired up and having a huge impact through our campaign. Hundreds of members have so far turned out to campaign against this […]
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Sitrep 12 Of 2023 – Vaccine Risk Assessment Update, Minister Comes Out Swinging, And Election Pre-poll

March 10, 2023
Vaccination Risk Assessment Update  Following our most recent request for an update, FRNSW has communicated to the FBEU that they are currently reviewing the COVID-19 Risk Assessment. FRNSW will soon be engaging with Health and Safety Representatives and the FBEU […]
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Sitrep 11/2023 – Health Checks Code Red Update

March 3, 2023
Health Checks Code Red Lifted Effective Immediately Further to our Sitrep issued on Wednesday we can advise members that yesterday, FRNSW and the FBEU went before the IRC in relation to the application of FRNSW seeking that our Code Red […]
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Sitrep 9/2023: Award Negotiations, Health Checks And More

February 24, 2023
Award Update Further to the last update on Award negotiations, we can confirm, that after a fair bit of to-ing and fro-ing, we have been able to lock in 3 negotiation meetings with FRNSW prior to our next attendance at […]
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Sitrep 8/2023: Award Negotiations, Campaign Launch, Senior Officers’ Subbranch Meeting

February 17, 2023
Award Update While members have been busy doing the job of FRNSW and campaigning to show the public how underfunded and under resourced we are (see below), the Department has been busy trying to stop fair negotiations for an Award […]
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