Sitrep 51: Irc Makes Awards; Consultants Inquiry; Ncat Decision

October 17, 2023
In this issue: IRC makes Awards Consultants Inquiry NCAT decision   IRC formally makes 2023 Permanent, Retained & Death and Disability Awards This morning in a hearing before the Industrial Relations Commission, the 2023 Permanent, Retained and D&D Awards have […]
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Sitrep 9/2023: Award Negotiations, Health Checks And More

February 24, 2023
Award Update Further to the last update on Award negotiations, we can confirm, that after a fair bit of to-ing and fro-ing, we have been able to lock in 3 negotiation meetings with FRNSW prior to our next attendance at […]
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Sitrep 15/2022

March 18, 2022
Awards Listed for Directions in IRC Members are advised that the Industrial Relations Commission have listed the dispute regarding the Awards for 29 March. This listing is only for preliminary directions regarding the matter. Members will be updated following the issuing […]
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Travelling / Meal Allowance Increases

December 23, 1997
The annual review of the meal, travelling and related allowances in the NSW Public Service Travelling Compensation Award, has resulted in an increase to the following rates in the Firefighter’s Awards:
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Thredbo Snowfields Incident Retained Firefighter Entitlements

August 14, 1997
On 18 August 1997 the Manager Operational Personnel released a memorandum to all NSWFB staff regarding entitlements for staff in attendance at the Thredbo Snowfields incident. The memorandum simply stated that “the provisions of the respective awards apply”, but did […]
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Retained Award Ratified By Irc

May 15, 1997
Following near-unanimous endorsement of the Award proposal dated 17 April 1997, by members of the Retained Sub-Branch, the NSW Industrial Relations Commission ratified a new Award for Retained Firefighters on Friday 2 May 1997. The new Award, known as the […]
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Interim Accommodation Protocol – Course Attendance And Relieving Outside Of Sydney, Newcastle And Wollongong

March 5, 1997
The following provisions will apply with respect to the provision of accommodation:
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Tax Dispute Update # Iii

October 5, 1996
Members would be aware that the agreement reached by the Union to remedy the recent tax dispute with the Department involved a 3 stage adjustment process.
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