Sitrep No. 34/2010

August 27, 2010
Inside this issue: Permanent members maintaining minimum staffing at retained stations Joint Drug and Alcohol Protocol still in place Retained Community First Responder claim In Orders moved to Wednesday - why?
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Sitrep No. 8/2010

February 26, 2010
Inside this issue: * Waratah Dispute settled with new stations and extra jobs * Drug and alcohol protocol * All permanent members fined today
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General Update – Special Case

January 7, 2005
Inside this notice: Special Case update Extra consolidated leave Sick leave monitoring Retained SASS members and D&D Drug and Alcohol Policy
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Drug And Alcohol Protocol – Overview

June 6, 1997
Members would be aware that the Union has been negotiating with the Department for several years now in order to agree on a suitable Drug and Alcohol Protocol for the Brigades. The Union’s State Committee has thoroughly debated the draft […]
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Consuming Alcohol On Shift – Disciplinary Action Against Members

March 13, 1996
All members would be aware of the Commissioner’s Bulletin titled “Consuming Alcohol on Shift” dated 7th March, 1996. In that bulletin the Commissioner takes a very strong stand against drugs and alcohol in the workplace, a position shared by the […]
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