Outstanding Stage 3 Tax Adjustment

August 14, 1997
Few members would have been surprised to learn that the Department botched the ‘Stage 3’ Tax adjustment payment due on 17 July, 1997. While payment on 17 July, was made in relation to Table 4; ‘B’, ’C’ and ‘D’ relieving […]
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‘stage 3’ Tax Adjustment – Third And Final Payment

May 19, 1997
The ‘Stage 3’, third and final payment of the 1996 tax dispute, secured by the Union, is due to be paid on 17 July, 1997. Members may recall that the two principal reasons FBEU members pursued and won this compensation […]
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Tax Dispute Update # Iii

October 5, 1996
Members would be aware that the agreement reached by the Union to remedy the recent tax dispute with the Department involved a 3 stage adjustment process.
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